IPVanish complete review

Complete test IPVanish: the top ten of the best VPN 2016

IPVanish complete review

IPVanish allows its subscribers use anonymous Internet, associated with firewall protection, unlimited bandwidth, and rates very satisfactory to such download and play… anywhere connection in the world, even when it goes through a public Wifi hotspots or using other non-secured Web access.

IPVanish is a world famous company with offices in Europe and North America. Despite its relatively new position in the field of the VPN, its parent company has a long and solid experience over 15 years as an internet service provider.

This VPN has a network of 400 servers spread across more than 60 countries, with more than 40,000 available IP addresses meet the growing demand of its customers. Here is the full IPVanish review test this more succinctly in our VPN 2016 comparison.

Rates and packages: IPVanish stands out from the competition

IPVanish don’t bother with complicated formulas. It offers indeed a single package all options in a $ 10 per month (instead of $ 11.99 at its launch), is cheaper than most of its competitors.
Substantial discounts are granted “for a minimum period of subscription”, namely $ 8.99 monthly for a commitment of 3 months and $ 6.49 monthly for a year commitment.

This type of rather original pricing place IPVanish among the most affordable VPN market.

But this commercial approach sufficient to compensate for the lack of trial period and a period of guarantee satisfied or refunded limited to 7 days (competitors offering 30 days in General). So the downside (there’s always a) or absolute confidence that this VPN designs the quality of its services? Why not?

IPVanish accepts payments by credit cards, Paypal, Bitcoins mainly… Other possible options such as multiple online payment gateways may be relevant from a global point of view. The refund within 7 days if you are dissatisfied clause applies to all commitment times.

Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android, IPVanish provides a lightweight, easy to use VPN software, that works very quickly, smoothly, on almost all types of equipment such as Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PC.

Its leading network, which IPVanish holds the property, keeps reliable connection rates high while, despite affordable rates, security, and confidentiality. This VPN including implemented services such as the “Zero Log” during and after the navigation, as well as the option of paying by Bitcoin in order to preserve the anonymity of its clients.

This security and confidentiality, clearly stated in their terms and conditions, are consolidated with 40000 IP addresses dynamic, assigned and shared on more than 60 available locations, making it difficult to identify any user’s IP.

September 7, 2016

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